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IF YOU want clarification regarding the moon sighting whether it Is sighted in Noth america and elsewhere, then read below: And we hope this answers your questions.

It is long letter(prepared for Ramadan Moonsighing but relavent for our current situation!), but it will answers your question. PLEASE READ CARFULLY AND TAKE YOUR TIME.

As the blessed month of Ramadaan approaches, we hear the usual concerns and debates regarding the determination of its beginning and end. We find people attempting to propagate various opinions in this regard. Some of these opinions require reliance on astronomical computations.

Others follow the moon-sighting of particular countries, and others believe in differences of zones, while at the same time they consider all the the North American or the African continent as one zone!

Some of these opinions are influenced by attitudes and policies towards certain regions and countries. This is surely subject to the warnings of the Messenger (S): "He is not of us who calls to party spirit/tribalism". Others are based on hasty and shallow conclusions from the available evidences.

New moons determine Islamic Dates: Allaah has set crescent sighting as the only means for establishing dates of various Islamic occasions such as the Eed and Hajj. He says:

{They ask you concerning the new moons. Say: They are but signs to mark fixed periods of time for mankind and for pilgrimage (hajj)} [Baqarah 2:189]

In particular the Messenger (S) emphasized that crescent sighting is required in determining the beginning and the end of the month of Ramadaan. A large number of Companions reportet that the Messenger (S) said: "Fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you, then complete thirty days of Sha'baan. And break your fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you then fast thirty days." [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

The Prophet (S) took great care to determine precisely the beginning of Sha'ban, because one can count twenty nine days and watch for the crescent of Ramadaan or complete thirty days before starting to fast. Aa'eshah said: The Messenger of Allaah (S) used to be more concerned about determining the beginning of Sha'baan than about other months. Then he used to fast at the sighting [of the crescent of Ramadaan]. If it were obscured, he would count thirty days [of Sha'baan] then fast" [Ahmad and Abbu Daawood]

Witnesses needed to establish the month: The scholars agree that two trustworthy Muslim witnesses are sufficient to establish moon sighting. This is based on the reports of a large number of Companions, that the Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "If two just muslims testify (that they saw it) then fast or break your fast" [Darqutnee and Ahmad].

Many other scholars, however further believe that only one trustworthy person's testimony may be accepted as a basis for determining the beginning of the month. The basis for this is that Ibn Umar said: "People were looking for the crescent [of Ramadaan]. I informed the Prophet (S) that I saw it. So he fasted [on the following day] and ordered the people to fast." [Abu Daawood].

Astronomical Evidence: Some people suggest using astronomical computations either exclusively or partially for determining the visibility and preciseness of crescent sightings. This is not a new suggestion, as it was raised at the earliest times of Islaam and the Prophet (S) rejected it. Ibn Umar reported that the Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "We are an illiterate nation. We do not use astronomical writing or computation [for our fasting]. A month is so and so (and he pointed with his hands three times, folding the thumb on the third time, meaning twenty-nine days) or so and so (and he pointed with his hands three times, meaning thirty days)" [Bukhaaree and Muslim and Abu Daawood].

Abu Daawood's narration further adds: "Thus Ibn Umar used to end his fasting with the rest of the people without relying on these computations".

This shows that the Messenger (S) wanted to keep this worship simple and at the level of the common people, away from the influence of control of specialized scientific knowledge (whether sound or doubtful). This shows as well, as Ibn Taymiyah stated, that the description of this nation here as being illiterate is one of praise in that the nation is independent of any complicated means in the performance of its basic acts of worship. Anyone who rejects this would indeed overstep the concensus of the scholars and would spoil the beauty and simplicity of this religion, and worst of all, would be bluntly disobeying the Messenger of Allaah (S).

Misconception: The true beginning of a month A very common misconception and a great concern for many people is that if we do not do our utmost to confirm (by astronomical evidence or otherwise) the testimonies of those who claim to have seen the moon then we might run the risk of nullifying some of our worship by fsting on wrong days. This approach is rejected on several grounds:

1. It involves casting doubt about the truthfulness of just muslims. This is forbidden in the texts of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah

2. It conflicts with the practice of the Messenger of Allaah (S) who acted on the sighting of the people without delay and without comparing it with astronomical evidence.

3. It resembles the behaviour of the Jews who tightened the laws on themselves. Therefore Allaah punished them by making their laws even more stringent. The Messnger of Allaah (S) said: "Beware of exaggeration in religion. Indeed, those before you were destroyed because of their exaggeration in religion" [Nasaa'ee]

4. It displays an ignorance of when an Islamic month really begins. This point is explained by Ibn Taymiyah:

"Many people think that once the new moon rises in the skies, regardless of whether the people see it or not that night would be the first of the month. This is not correct! It should appear to the people and they should see it to start the month. That is why the Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "[True] fasting starts on the day that your start" which means: this is the day you know as being the time to fast. If you did not know it, then it would carry no value for you". [Al Fataawaa 5/203]

This view is further clarified by the following narration: Abu al-Bukhturee said: "We went to the Minor Pilgrimage and saw the crescent of Ramadaan at Dhaatu-Irq. It seemed to have been two or three nights old. Later, we met Ibn Abbaas and mentioned this to him. Ibn Abbaas informed us that Allaah's Messenger (S) said: "Allaah has set crescent sighting as an indication of Ramadaan. Thus Ramadaan starts on the night that you see it. If it is obscured, then complete the count". [Muslim]

But what if those claimed sighting of the new moon were lying or mistaken?. As long as they are apparently acceptable and trustworthy muslims, we must follow their testimony and fast (or end the fast). We have absolutely no right to reject their testimony without a definite proof (applying the means which conform with the Sunnah, as outlined above). If they happen to be indeed lying then the sin will be only theirs, and we will be rewarded, if Allaah wills, for sticking of the Sunnah.

Unification of Sighting Locations: The above hadeeths carry a general command to all muslims to abide by the crescent sighting. In the same spirit, Abu Hurairah, Aa'eshah and others reported that the Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "[True] fasting starts on the day that you start fasting; [true] Fitr (that is Eed) is on the day that you end your fasting; [true] Adhaa (that is Eed) is on the day that you offer your sacrifice". [Abu Daawood and Tirmidhee]

Thus, when the moon is sighted anywhere on the earth, by at least one trustworthy muslim, this means that the whole Ummah has sighted it. Based on this, as the above hadeeth indicates all members of the Ummah are required to observe the new month as long as the informatation reaches them in a reasonable amount of time to be able to act upon it.


The above discussion may be summarized in the following points:

1. The beginning of an Islamic month may be determined (for purposes of fasting, pilgrimage and other Islamic occasions) only through naked eye sighting of the new crescents or after the completion of thirty days for Sha'baan.

2. Astronomical evidence may not be used to establish moon sighting or to verify or refute the sighting of trustworthy muslims. Such calculations have been shown to be inaccurate, are not to be relied upon and are the cause of disputes and divisions amongst the muslims.

3. Once the new moon is sighted anywhere in the earth, people in all places who learn about the sighting in a reasonable amount of time to be able to use it must do so.

4. A month starts when the new moon is seen regardless of whether this occured before, after or at the actual possible sighting.

It has to be emphasised that unifying Muslims and bringing their word together is one of our main concerns; it is a heavy responsibility that no Muslim should neglect. However, true unity cannot be achieved in any other way than what conforms with the Quraan and the Authentic Sunnah and the guidance of the Righteous Salaf (pious predecessors). Any other claim to unity is unrealistic and short lived.

We call upon all Muslims to get involved in worship to attain the blessings of Ramadaan instead of wasting their time and energies in futile arguments and disagreements. May Allah (T) enable us to follow the Sunnah in all our beliefs and deeds.


Toronto, Canada
www.khalidmosque.com, khalid@khalidmosque.com
(416) 745-2888, (416) 74509360

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Febraayo 18, 2002 | SOMALITALK.COM



Jadwalka Taariikhda Islaamka

Taariikhda sannadka Islaamku waxaa lagu tiriyaa bisha (ama dayaxa). Waxaana uu ka koobanyahay 12 bilood kuwaas oo bilwalba tiradeedu ay ku xirantahay dhalashada bisha. Badanaana sannadka islaamku wuxuu noqdaa 12 x 29.53=354.36 maalmood. Taas oo kadhigeysa sanndka Islaamka mid 11 maalmood katiroyar sannadka miiladiga ama taariikhda looyaqaan "Gregorian".

Sannaadka Islaamka waxaa sal u ah Aayadda Quraanka ee suurada "Al-Tawbah" ee macneheedu yahay "Tirada bilaha Eebe waa Laba iyo Toban kitaabka Eebe dhexdiisa tan iyo maalintuu abuuray samooyinka iyo dhulka, waxaana kamid ah afar xurmo (gaar) ah leh...." [9:36].


1. Muxarram 7. Rajab
2. Safar 8. Shacban
3. Rabi'c al-awwal  9. Ramadan
4. Rabi'c al-thani 10. Shawwal
5. Jumada al-awwal 11. Dhu al-Qic'dah
6. Jumada al-thani        12. Dhu al-Hijjah

Bilaha Islaamku waxay bilaabmaan marka bishu soo baxdo, taas oo ah in la arko bisha. [Eeg bogga muujinaya khariida bisha.

Xisaab ahaan bilaha Islaamka waxaa lagu qiyaasaa in ay kudhamaadaan 30 ama 29 maalmood.

Sannadka Islaamka oo loo yaqaan Hijra waxa uu bilaabmay markii Nebi Muxammad (scw) uu ka haajirey Maka oo u haajirey Madiina, taas oo ku beegnayd sannadkii 622 ee miilaadiga , qiyaastii [16 July C.E. 622].

Ma rabtaa in aad tirada carabiga u bedeshid Roomaan, ama tirada Roomaanka u bedeshid Carabi, Guji halkan

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